Grammy's Garden provides a stimulating program, which encourages learning through experience using developmentally appropriate materials and equipment for young children. Children are encouraged to explore their creativity, independence, problem solving skills, muscle development and self-help skills. Our educational program offers a balance between child and teacher-initiated activities. Each child has the opportunity to gain practice in all areas of development on a daily basis.


Storkville, our program for infants and early toddlers, includes classrooms that are warm and inviting, just like your child's nursery at home. The teachers in the infant program help our friends with tummy time, sitting up, waving bye-bye, simple art projects and so much more. The teachers in the early toddler program focus on activities that will enhance cognitive skills, begin to develop language skills through baby sign-language, and introduce movement skills. We also provide old-fashioned stroller walks through our park-like setting for children in our infant and early toddler program.

The Storkville room in Grammy's Garden.

Toddlerville, our program for children 18 months - 3 years of age, includes activities such as art, language, large and small motor projects, and sensory and discovery projects. These activities are planned to promote the development of basic toddler tasks: self-help skills, independence, trust, language, and motor development. Our classrooms are divided into age-appropriate groups, 18 months to 2 years, and 2 - 3 years.


Toddlerville areas.

Pre-school and Pre-K programs include language development, readiness activities (pre-reading and pre-math), writing, problem solving, art, music, computers, dramatic play, cooking, and small and large muscle discovery. Our newsletter has more information on the specific goals of the Pre-school and Pre-K programs.


The Pre-K room (left) provides areas for the development of Pre-K-age children (right).

Grammy's Garden provides a home-like environment for school-aged children during after-school hours. Our learning center affords the children the opportunity to complete their homework, use the computer, or spend time outdoors.


After school children (left) enjoy our after-school programs, including our library (right).

Starting at age two, children at Grammy's Garden participate in small group activities and teacher instruction to help develop their social, emotional, and self-help skills, which we believe are the basis for building positive self-esteem, school readiness, and academic success.

Every child's development benefits from early exposure to music & movement. Included in Grammy's Music program are activities which include singing, dancing, introduction to instruments and lots of silly musical games. 

Grammy's "Kid's Gym" includes exercise equipment and everything needed to show how essential physical activity is to children. They will work to improve flexibility, endurance & strength, balancing, and stretching. The older children are also introduced to the basics of sports. The best part is they'll see how activity promotes good health & nutrition while having fun.


Grammy's music room (left) and gym (right) are essential
components of the Music and Movement program.

Parent involvement is an important part of all programs at Grammy's Garden. Teachers work closely with parents to help ensure that the needs of each individual child are met. Parents are also encouraged to involve themselves in our programs; the children enjoy a parent who comes to read or share a special talent with them. We also host many activities with parent support, including Grandparents' Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, field trips, workshops, and many more!